Keloray Smart Control AK Series LED Light

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Programmable LED ceiling light with remote control for marine aquariums


Ceiling lamp with elegant and refined design, remote control for settings; totally programmable and configurable.

Approved by CE and UL; The output voltage (only 30V) allows you to work in peace and total security.
Cooling mode entrusted to a single intelligent person who comes into operation only if necessary, reduce the noise accordingly.
Multi-function remote control supplied
Sensitive and accurate temperature monitoring system and protection function in case of high temperature reached
DEMO mode (test) that quickly shows all lighting settings for the whole day
Intelligent time control, 12 / 24h format
Programming and settings easy to set up (user-friendly)
Faithful reproduction of the entire light spectrum (380-700nm)
Simulation of sunrise / sunset and other natural lighting conditions
Possibility of mounting both on the poolside (through suspension kit); both mounting systems are included in the package.

Technical specifications:






LED scheme:

PAR and emission light spectrum:

Preconfigured light cycle and remote control functionality:






















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