Aqua Medic Hydrocarbonate

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Hydrocarbonate is a pure natural product. It is used in Calcium Reactors, and may be used in filters to increase the hardness of water, and as a substrate material in marine or Malawi/Tanganyika aquaria. A natural calcium-carbonic acid equilibrium is created in all aquariums with an alkaline pH value, and in a Calcium Reactor supplied with CO2, the hydrocarbonate is completely dissolved to calcium bicarbonate, becoming available for assimilation by hard and many soft corals, sponges, echinoderms, etc.
Hydrocarbonate available in 3 grain sizes: and 3 packaging sizes:
fine (1 - 2 mm) for ‘hardening ’ filters
medium (3 - 5 mm) for Calcium Reactors
coarse (12 - 15 mm) as filter material