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Aqua Medic T Controller Twin

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Microprocessor controlled digital temperature monitor and controller for heating and cooling in freshwater or seawater aquariums

Main Information:

  • Temperature monitor and controller heat controller duo used to control aquarium heaters.
  • Measurement and switching accuracy is 0.1 ° C. The setpoint can be in 0.1 ° C increments in the range the 0 - 50 ° C can be adjusted and is regulated at 1 ° C.
  • Maximum total switching capacity for heater and floor heating is 1,200 watts.
  • Integrated double outlet in each case a heating element and a ground heater can be connected simultaneously.
  • Heat controller duo is equipped with a temperature sensor permanently connected.
  • LCD display is at any time about the current temperature, the time and the switching state of the connected devices.
  • Heating cable is clocked by a timer, the clock rate can be freely selected. If the desired setpoint is not reached, the rod heater switched on.
  • To avoid overheating, both heaters are switched off as soon as the setpoint is exceeded by a settable value.

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