Digital Refractometer

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Model: White Pocket digital refractometer brix sugar DR102 with yellow protective sleeve

Brix range: 0-90%

Specific gravity: 1.3330-1.5177nd

Min.Div: 0.1%, 0.001nd

Accuracy: 0.2%, 0.003nd

Warranty: One year

Product Description:

This new white pocket digital brix refractometer DR102 with yellow protective sleeve is suitable for working with specific gravity or salinity in home aquariums allowing stability in water chemistry. Full ranges of measurement is available, which is similar to hand-held brix refractometer, and  the difference is that this type model apply high-tech and can measure accurately and has good stability.


  • compact appearance and with three colors to be chosen ( yellow, blue and red).
  • the coat allocated has the advantages of shakeproof and crashproof.
  • the stability is better than the old type.
  • it support ten scale marks at most comparing to the old one of four.
  • waterproof level is higher than the old type.
  • most importantly, this new one can be repaired by yourselves instead of returning to us.
  • One-year warranty period