Emperor Aquatics Smart UV Steriliser 50W

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These commercial sterilizers feature high-output (HO), T6-style lamps that offer approximately twice the UV output of standard with the same arc length.

UV vessels are built of a UV-resistant, high density polymer with a removable end cap to provide easy access. Internal viewing ports allow visual indication of lamp status. Units have 2” slip unions and 5 ¾” diameter housings. 10 foot cable to ballast and 6 foot cord to plug.

  • For commercial, hatchery, recirculation systems, research, water features, ponds, aquariums and exhibit applications.
  • Dependable operation.
  • Powerful.
  • Versatile in application.
  • UV housing diameter that matches the UV lamps UV C output.
  • Optimum UV lamp positioning inside the UV housing.
  • Remote power supply on cord.
  • Easy-to-remove power assembly.
  • Clear viewing ports.
  • Heavy-wall plastic construction.
  • Lifetime warranty on the UV housing.
  • Watertight.
  • UL listed for outdoor applications.
  • Durable commercial style design.
  • 13-month hard quartz glass UV lamp.
  • Optimum UV exposure.
  • Water Flow Rates are based on: 80% UV Transmissibility.
  • Suggested = UV Lamp @60% efficient (after 9,000 hours of continuous operation).
  • Maximum = UV Lamp Power @ 100% efficient (new condition).