Hydor Koralia Smart Wave Controller

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Smartwave is the new controller for movement and circulation pumps designed by Hydor.

In nature, river and sea currents are a vital part of the natural life cycle of aquatic creatures as they promote oxygenation, transport nutrients and food and remove residues that would otherwise pollute.

Smartwave helps recreate these currents which allow a healthy aquarium and uniform water temperature by selecting one of the 2 available program:

  • Alternate: pump 1 ON - pump 2 OFF, pump 1 OFF - pump 2 ON.
  • Synchronous: pump 1 and 2 go ON and OFF together.


  • 2 outlets, both for up to 100W;
  • 2 selection knobs, 1 for pump program (alternate-synchronous), 1 for time interval setting (second, minutes, hours);
  • Feeding program.

Compact, Smartwave is easy to conceal by hanging it inside the aquarium cabinet.

Designed for Koralia's, Smartwave works with most movement pumps available on the market compatible with quick ON-OFF (5 seconds= 6.3 million on/off per year)