Marine Sources NP Biopellets XL

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Marine Sources Biopellets XL have been specially developed for nitrate and phosphate reduction in a marine reef aquarium system. Maintaining low nitrates and phosphates is key to maintaining the best coral coloration, healthy fish and avoiding algae outbreaks. Fish foods and resulting waste eventually break down into nitrates.
The pellets will allow aerobic growth of bacteria which consequently will consume nitrate and phosphate simultaneously. The bacteria will use up the carbon from the Biopellets, whilst nitrogen and phosphorus are taken from the water as nitrate and (ortho)phosphate. This new formula for nitrate / phosphate reducing Biopellets is composed of 100% pure biologically degradable polymers.

Best results are acheived through the use of a bio pellet reactor, but this media can be used in sumps or other filtration systems. The time of taking effect in these systems will be relatively longer however.
Directions for use
Add to your reactor 100 - 200 ml of bio pellets for every 100L of aquarium water
Adjust the flow so that all of the media is tumbling. Faster tumbling will keep the biopellets free of biofilm and make it easier to keep the media tumbling for prolonged periods of time.
Wait 4-8 weeks for the bacteria to populate. During this time resist any temptation to change anything even if nitrate levels are continuing to rise. 
Some aquarists experience a bacterial bloom when first starting this system which clouds the tank for a few days. If you do experience a bacterial bloom we recommend aiming a few powerheads at the surface of the water to maximize gas exchange. 
Continue water changes as usual.
Depending on the system add new Biopellets every 6-12 months. Do not remove remaining biopellets. Please Note
The use of bioPellets in marine aquariums must be accompanied by the use of a protein skimmer to achieve the export of bacteria and assimilated nutrients. The use of ozone and UV will negatively affect bacterial recruitment of the BioPearls and increase the maturation time of the filter. So we won’t recommend using biopellets with ozone and UV at the same time when cultivating bacteria. When nitrate and phosphate are already very low before applying Biopellets, a decrease in these levels may not be detectable with standard aquarium testkits.