Rapid LED Corona

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The next generation of lighting from Rapid LED has arrived!  Introducing the Corona, our wifi controlled full spectrum LED fixture.  Each fixture has 38 LEDs, 5 channels of independent control plus moonlights (2), and a wifi enabled controller built into each fixture meaningn no more dimming wires, knobs, or external controllers are required. The Corona has the ability to run multiple lights independently or grouped together for easy management of multiple tanks or larger systems.

6 Independently controllable LED channels as follows:

16 CREE XT-E royal blue LEDs
10 CREE XP-G3 cool whtie LEDs
4 SemiLEDs Violet UV LEDs + 4 SemiLEDs Hyper Violet LEDs
2 CREE XP-E Photo Red LEDs
2 CREE XP-E2 Green LEDs
2 royal blue moonlights

Requires an iOS or Android based smartphone/tablet and download of the free Fishbit app
Functionality includes manual dimming, automated sunrise/sunset, geolocation, moonlights, lightning storms, and more.  Please note that currently manual dimming, automated sunrise/sunset scheduling and geolocation are available while other functions will be rolled out shortly as they are finished. All updates will be automatically sent and there is nothing required on the user end to gain additional functionality.
The controller does NOT require any Fishbit hardware to control lights
Each light is capable of running on either Android or iOS so swapping phones/tablets in the future is easy and seamless