Red Sea MAX S 400 Complete Reef System LED

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MAX S-400

Fully featured coral reef aquarium system

Owning a thriving piece of coral reef has never been easier than with Red Sea’s new MAX S-400  aquariums.

The Red Sea MAX S-400  is an innovative plug & play, complete, full size coral reef aquarium system. It is designed to allow you to focus on the beauty and diversity of your own piece of coral reef, rather than worrying about component selection, suitability and compatibility.


Red Sea MAX S-400 aquariums are fully equipped with everything you need including features such as ultra clear glass,REEF-SPEC® lighting and filtration, customizable fascia and a one-plug control panel. Choosing the Red Sea MAX S-400 will make reefkeeping easier than ever before.


 Red Sea MAX S-400  True REEF-SPEC® for a successful reef

The Red Sea MAX REEF-SPEC® performance criteria is the result of Red Sea’s years of research into the sustainable growth of all corals, including the most delicate “SPS” corals, in an artificial reef environment. This knowledge, gained over 25 years, forms the basis for the specification of all MAX systems designs.
Read more about REEF-SPEC®




Red Sea Max S-400 Customized systems

Make your Red Sea Max S-400 unique by choosing from a variety of five modern colours. The cabinet side panels and doors are attached to a marine spec aluminum frame and can be replaced at any time, allowing renovation or a complete colour change on a functioning aquarium. This feature combined with the replaceable trim on the light and aquarium adds an unprecedented level of longevity and flexibility.

All external surfaces use weather resistant polyurethene paints (similar to those used in the car industry) giving an elegant and durable finish.



Elegance and durability combined

Red Sea MAX S-400 aquariums are constructed from 12mm ultra clear (low iron) glass supported by saltwater resistant plastics and a marine spec annodized aluminum frame. Designed for simple home assembly, all of the glueing, sawing and wiring has already been done for you.





Red Sea Max S-400 Sophisticated Lighting System

The unique MAX S-400 slide & swivel lighting system consists of three individually switched lighting units.

The identical front and rear 4 x T5 units are hinged to the lighting chassis that slides across the top of the aquarium providing total access for all maintenance and reefscaping tasks.

The centre unit has an additional 2 x T5 lights and LED moonlights. Additional configurations for the centre unit will be available in the future. Changeable front and side colour trim panels match the aquarium and cabinet. A dual timer lighting controller is included as part of the complete system controller in the cabinet.





Red Sea Max S-400 Total Reef Filtration

The Red Sea Max S complete reef filtration system starts with the surface skimmer that feeds the water to the in-cabinet sump via a flow-regulated, silent flow downpipe. The filtered water is returned to the aquarium by a main system pump that also supplies water to all of the filtration systems such as the protein skimmer, an optional chiller and/or reactors.

Connection between the aquarium and sump is via standard union connectors so no plumbing is required.

The MAX S-400 is supplied with the main system pump, C-Skim 1800 protein skimmer, mechanical and carbon filtration media and all piping including preparation to connect a chiller and auxiliary reactors.





Red Sea Max S-400 Integrated Power Center

The MAX S-400 filtration system follows the one-plug MAX concept and features a power control centre with easy access to 10 individually switched power sockets for all pumps, and other accessories, safety protected with integrated circuit brakers.



 Red Sea MAX® S-Series Specification Table

  MAX S Model
Specification Description MAX S 400 MAX S 500 MAX S 650
System water volume Combined aquarium and sump 400 L
(110 gal)
500 L
(135 gal)
650 L
(175 gal)
Aquarium volume Display tank with rear circulation pump chamber 350 L
(97 gal)
440 L
(119 gal)
560 L
(150 gal)
Filtration sump volume Glass sump with preparation for auxiliary reactors or refugium 50 L
(13 gal)
60 L
(16 gal)
90 L
(25 gal)
Aquarium glass thickness Ultra clear front and side panels 12 mm
12 mm
15 mm
( 5/8”)
Surface skimmer Built in suface skimmer on full width of aquarium Yes Yes Yes
Lighting system 3 individually operated units on a slide & swivel chassis for easy reefscaping Yes Yes Yes
Lighting – standard configuration T5 REEF-SPEC fluorescent  5 X 15,000K / 3 X Actinic (22,000K) / 2 X Pink + LED moonlights 390W 540W 800W
Lighting control 2 x timers for staggered on/off Yes Yes Yes
Total circulation l/h (gph) Sump return + hidden individual 2,150 l/h (570 gph) circulation pumps 7800
Main system pump l/h (gph) Sump return + feed to skimmer / chiller / reactors 7000
Protein skimmer – C-Skim 1800 800 l/h (210 gph) air flow – 1800 l/h (480 gph) water flow (PSK aspirator) Yes Yes Yes
Integrated power center 10 individually switched sockets for pumps and accessories Yes Yes Yes
Integrated water top up system Easy-access storage tank with in-sump float valve 22 L
(6 gal)
29 L
(7.5  gal)
38 L
(10 gal)
Mechanical filtration Low density sponge filer media Yes Yes Yes
Chemical filtration 600g (20 oz.) high grade phosphate-free activated carbon Yes Yes Yes
Cabinet frame Marine spec anodized aluminum profile Yes Yes Yes
Cabinet external Weatherproof Polyurethene painted MDF doors & panels Yes Yes Yes
Cabinet Internal Waterproof sump compartment, dedicated chiller compartment Yes Yes Yes
External dimensions (cm) Height: 168, Width: 70, Length
(according to model)
105 cm 129 cm 161 cm
External dimensions (inch) Height: 66”, Width: 28”, Length
(according to model)
42” 51” 64”