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Reef Revolution Magnesium + Trace Powder

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Reef Revolution’s powdered magnesium supplement replenishes depleted magnesium levels that have been used by corals, fish and other organisms in your reef aquarium. Reef Revolution’s magnesium supplement is a balanced blend of magnesium chloride and sulphate salts, designed to be used in conjunction with Reef Revolution’s calcium, alkalinity & potassium products.

Magnesium plays and important role in the chemical and biological processes for corals, fish and other organisms. Maintaining correct levels of magnesium is required for optimal coral growth.

For optimum reef health, magnesium levels should

 be maintained between 1250-1400ppm

Take 800ml of RODI water and fill it into a 1L measuring jug, with accurate scales measure 397g of Magnesium powder, Stir water thoroughly,  slowly add powder until fully dissolved, once fully dissolved top up the measuring jug to 1 litre.

2ML of solution will raise 100L of aquarium water by 1PPM

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