Simalai WM-01 Water Changer

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Simalai WM-01, system that allows you to program and automate, through app, water changes.


The Simalai WM-01 is a device that allows the programming and the automation of the management of water changes in sweet or marine tanks; everything is manageable through an application for mobile devices, whether they are IOs System or Android.

The device works in a simple and intuitive way: once the scheduled time for the change of water has arrived, it starts the outlet pump that picks up the water from the sump for a previously set time interval (expressed in seconds); after this time interval, the WM switches off the outlet pump and starts the inlet pump that takes the water from a tank (or from a tank where previously the water for the change was stocked) and puts it in sump for the same time interval (until, that is, the level does not return to the initial value).





In order to use the device, it is necessary to switch it on and then search the list of wireless networks visible from your mobile phone for the name "Simalai_XXX", touch on it and enter the password "12345678"; so your cell phone is connected to the WM device.

Now you can use the app that will automatically detect and display the WM device in the list.

Main application screen:


the time in the middle of the display indicates the time set on the device and it is necessary, through the synchronization button on the top right, to align it to the time set on your mobile phone
the time ring at the center shows the progress of the daily programming of the set water changes; the yellow boxes indicate the programmed water changes that have already been made; the gray squares, on the other hand, indicate the changes that have yet to be completed
the two lines placed at the center of the ring indicate, respectively, the time of the next water change and its duration
the writing immediately below the ring shows if the device is operating in manual or automatic mode
the words Out and In indicate, respectively, whether the emptying pump and the top-up pump are in operation (ON / OFF) or not
the Level line shows whether the level of water detected by the probe is normal or low
The TW model key must be activated if the WM device is connected to a TW device (top-up system) in order to avoid that, when changing the water, the TW, when the level is lowered, automatically starts topping up with osmotic water (going into in this way to phase out all the values) 


By touching the "Amount" button you enter the configuration mode in which the duration of the water change can be set.

Not knowing in advance the dimensions of the change tank, obviously, the only parameter that can be used to determine the amount of water to be changed is the duration of the change itself.

Taking an example and supposing you want to change 20 liters of water and that the pumps have a flow rate of 250L / h, the pumps should remain in operation 20/250 = 0.08h = 288sec.

This, therefore, should be the value to be entered in order to make the desired water change. Obviously it could be more precise, timing the time needed by the pump to transfer the amount of water that you want to change.

The "Actual Measurement" button, on the other hand, allows you to measure the value so far set and then modify it to suit your needs.




Instead, to use the device in manual mode, touch the "Manual" key on the main screen to display the screen shown next.

In this mode it is possible to arbitrarily operate each of the two pumps in order to raise / lower the water level or, by tapping on "add water", the command can be given to pour the water into sump until reaching of the normal level (measured by the float).







"Now" and "Close" it is possible to carry out at that moment a water change (in addition to the programmed changes) and stop

the pumps immediately (if there is any kind of anomaly).

The "Other" button instead allows access to the advanced settings of the device, including the water change scheduler.

In this phase it is possible to choose at which times, among the 6 available, to change the water during the day; the frequency of programming and selection of the programmed data can also be changed.