Simalai Single Pump Dosing Unit

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product description:
Product Size:92*52*68(mm)
Rated voltage: 12VDC
The minimum titration: 0.1ml (calibration 0.01ml)
The maximum titration: 5000ml (If you need more adjustment can be calibrated)
Working temperature: 0°C-50°C
Operating Humidity: 10%-90% non-solidified
Support mobile phone system: IOS, Android
Product Warranty: one year (except for the loss of the pump head)

Product 5 major advantages:

1, regular quantitative, accurate addition of nutrient elements
2, 0.1ml titration, trace addition without effort
3, mobile APP control, easy dose control
4, with the residual liquid calculation, liquid shortage alarm and other functions
5, set the ultra easy

Product advantages detailed description:
1. Humanity and stable APP control
Proficient use in 5 minutes, perfect support Android, IOS smart phone

2, can be used with home area network
No longer subject to wires, more than one can be freely expanded

3, microtitration
Accurate to 0.1 ml (actually to 0.01 ml). For example, 130 ml of trace elements are added every day, set once every 3 hours, although inexhaustible, but because of the high accuracy (up to the decimal point 2nd Bit) has a very high level of stability for adding various trace elements to the tank

4. Humanized operation
You can arbitrarily set the individual titration time for each titration head. You can set the number of minutes and time for completing each titration head in minutes, and effectively avoid the reaction between elements (for example, you have many kinds of element titration, add in different elements. When titrating with each other, there must be time staggering to avoid mixing of elements and affecting the titration effect.)

5, go home to use
Go directly to Titrate Wi-Fi and use app for flow control