Shipping Information

Dry Goods Shipping $8 (Up to 7 Business Days)

Standard dry goods shipping rate. Used for all dry goods except for aquariums.

Perth Local Delivery $8 For Frozen Food or Dry Goods, $15 For Livestock 

Shipping for all dry goods, frozen food and livestock to Perth metropolitan area. Delivery will be made by a staff member or courier service depending on your area. 

Overnight Satchel $30 (Up to 2  Business days)

Standard shipping rate for corals, some invertebrates and frozen food. Products are sent via StarTrack courier service and will be sent weekdays Monday to Wednesday. Destinations within or near near capital cities arrival is expected within 1 day, for destinations in regional areas shipping may take up to 2 days to arrive.  

Airport Collection (Next Day or Same Day)

Airport collection is suitable for livestock such as fish and sensitive corals and invertebrates. Airport collection starts at $49.75 for a 5kg box and can go up depending on the weight of the order. Usually sent overnight for pick up from the airport the next day.


**All shipping costs are non-refundable**