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Custom Built Aquariums

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Immerse Yourself in Aquatic Artistry

Immerse Yourself in Aquatic Artistry

Ocean Reefs Marine Aquariums specialises in creating custom-built marine and freshwater aquarium systems. We pride ourselves on tailoring aquariums to our client's unique needs and preferences. Whether you envision an aquarium under a bar or on the 4th storey of a house, we have the expertise to make it a reality. Our team is skilled in the custom placement of the weir, plumbing, and sumps, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality.

Our Process

Initial Consultation

At Ocean Reefs Marine Aquariums, we provide personalized consultations to understand your vision, requirements, and preferences. We offer expert advice based on your space, budget, and desired aquatic life, while considering factors like lighting and water quality.

Design and Features

Our skilled team creates custom-built aquariums tailored to your aesthetic preferences and the needs of your aquatic life. We integrate captivating features, such as custom placements and innovative design elements, using high-quality materials like glass or acrylic.

Installation and Setup

We ensure a professional installation, focusing on precise placement, structural integrity, and efficient plumbing and water flow. Our experts handle the installation of filtration systems, lighting, heating, and circulation equipment for optimal water quality and convenience.

Ongoing Maintenance

Our comprehensive maintenance services include regular visits to monitor and maintain the health of your aquarium. We conduct water quality testing and cleaning and provide guidance on fish, plant and coral care. We offer troubleshooting assistance for any equipment or environmental issues.

Make an Enquiry

Ready to embark on your aquatic journey? Please reach out to us today to discuss your custom-built aquarium project. Our passionate team is here to provide expert guidance and bring your vision to life. Please fill out the form below and we will get in touch!

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