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Aqua Medic Easy Line Professional 150 - 3 Stage RO Unit

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For the production of soft and desalted water for salt- and freshwater aquaria, for spraying in terraria and many other applications.

 easy line professional 50
 app. 190 l/day 
 easy line professional 100
 app. 300 l/day
 easy line professional 150
 app. 600 l/day
 easy line professional 200 
 app. 600 l/day

The easy line professional reverse osmosis units are compact and powerful and fulfill the highest demands for water quality. A sediment filter retains all particles larger than 5 µm and a carbon filter protects the membrane by removing chlorine. The module consists of a membrane, pressure pipe and flow restrictor. The membrane is the heart of the system and responsible for the pure water quality. We use the latest generation of TFC (Polyamide / Polysulfone) membranes to provide the highest quality treated water, providing a recovery ratio of approximately 3-4:1 concentrate:permeate, and a rejection rate of up to 98%.
easy line professional reverse osmosis units are also ideally suited for water treatment in the household (e.g. iron, etc.).

The unit has a pressure switch that enables the automatic filling of a pressure tank (not included). As a result, the availability of treated water can be guaranteed even faster.

The compact design means that very little space is required for set up. The mounting plate allows both wall mounting and placement on a flat surface. The integrated pressure gauge shows the current water pressure.

With the supplied chrome-plated tap extension, you can choose between filtered water (osmosis water) and tap water. This option allows the extension to be permanently connected to the tap.

Included in the delivery is a universal adapter for tool-free installation on a standard domestic water tap. Suitable for mixing nozzles with:
22 mm internal thread or 24 mm external thread (adapter included)

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