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Aqua Medic mV Computer Set

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The Aqua Medic mV Computer-Set uses the same microprocessor technique as the Aqua Medic pH Computer-Set. Waterproof touch keys are used to set the required values and calibrate the electrode. The Aqua Medic mV Computer-Set is ideal for controlling anaerobic biological filters such as the Nitratereductor which have negative redox potential or can control the supply of ozone to the aquarium, or monitor the aquarium water’s redox potential. All these functions are possible due to the computer’s broad measurement and control range of –500 to +1000 mV. The direction of control can be set upwards or downwards. The status of the direction of control and the output are shown on LED’s. A plastic shafted mV electrode with a BNC fitting and calibration fluid is included.

The redox potential or oxydation-reduction potential (ORP) is an electric value that is a parameter for oxydation and reduction process in the water. The redox potential is of special interest in the aquarium:

To check the water quality in a seawater aquarium. The ideal range is between 300 and 400 mV. It can be raised to the desired value by injecting ozone into the protein skimmer. The higher the values are, the higher the percentage of oxydation is – the „cleaner” the water is.

To control anaerobic denitrifying filters. Here, the redox potential is used to check the activity. The ideal range for these filters is between -50 and -100 mV. The redox potential is also used as a control parameter in other processes. In swimming pools, the chlorination can be controlled by the redox potential. The minimum value for disinfection is +700 mV.

technical Data Aqua Medic mV Computer-Set
Micro-processor controlled
Line voltage: 230 V/50 Hz
Output relay-controlled: 5 A, 1,000 W
Measurement range: - 1,999 up to + 1,999 mV
Adjustment range: - 1,000 up to + 1,000 mV
Adjustments: on/off
Hysteresis: adjustable
Adjustment directions adjustable
upwards: with Ozone filtration mV-value may increase
downwards: by adding reducuing substances
Redox probe: Plastic shaft (Polysulfon)
Data memory: power loss protection
elektrode holder for up to 4 probes
test fluid 230 mV

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