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Aqua One Coral Feeder

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The Aqua One Coral Feeder comes with two different sized tubes for convenience - 25-48cm.


Specifically designed for the direct feeding of liquefied and particulate foods to stony corals and other filter feeding marine organisms. The coral feeder can also be used to eradicate detritus and excess debris from hard to reach areas within the aquarium such as behind rocks, pumps and ornaments.


Fill a glass with aquarium water and add the required amount of food. Place the tip of the feeder into the water and squeeze the rubber bulb, slowly release and allow the tube to fill with the liquefied food. Place the tip of the feeder over the coral and slowly squeeze the bulb to release the food.


For large aquariums, use the extension tube by simply pushing it onto the end of the coral feeder. This will allow you to reach corals that are located at the bottom or rear of the aquarium.

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