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Aqua Zonic Super Bright Extendable LED Light Marine

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Size: 40-55cm

 Sizing options:

  • 40-55cm - 18.60watt (1.5w x 7 12000K + 1.5w x 3 OF LED) + (0.24w x 15 Actinic Blue)
  • 60-80cm - 26.82watt (1.5w x 11 12000K + 1.5w x 4 OF LED) + (0.24w x 18 Actinic Blue)
  • 90-120cm - 38.76watt (1.5w x 16 12000K + 1.5w x 6 OF LED) + (0.24w x 24 Actinic Blue)
  • 120-150cm - 52.20watt (22 x 1.5w 12000K + 8 x 1.5w OF LED) + (30 x 0.24w Actinic Blue)



  • The extendable Super Bright LED lamp meshes innovation with a functional design.
  • The extendable arm allows the lamp to be mounted on a wide range of aquarium tanks.
  • It utilises the new OF LED (pink colouring) which when combined with 12K and Actinic Blue bulbs provides superior full colour spectrum rendering of marine livestock.
  • Meanwhile, the switchable dual light mode recreates daylight and moonlight conditions for a more natural day cycle.
  • Size: 40mm wide x 12mm high

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