Bio Pronto Marine - Rapid Cycling Culture

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*Cultured, naturally occurring microbes for all saltwater aquariums
*Rapidly starts the biological filtration process in marine aquariums
*Enhance nitrification & denitrification in heavily stocked aquariums
Two Little Fishies Establish or maintain a healthy and active biological filter in marine aquariums. Two Little Fishies BioPronto Marine contains cultured, naturally occurring microbes that rapidly start the biological filtration process. Use it to start the nitrification cycle in new aquariums or to enhance nitrification and denitrification in heavily stocked aquariums. Two Little Fishies BioPronto Marine rapidly dissimilates toxic ammonia to improve aquarium water quality.

The entire content of 500 ml BioPronto Marine treats 750 Liters for startup dosing and 2500 Liters for maintenance.