Bioscape Tropic Air Pump

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Bioscape Air Pumps are designed to increase water movement in aquariums for proper oxygenation. Available in 4 sizes these high quality air pumps operate quietly and efficiently. Ranging from single, dual and quad outlets there is a size suitable for all aquariums types up to 600L. The 8000 size has adjustable air output. The Bioscape Tropic Air Pump range also comes with a free check valve for each outlet for added value to your aquatic customers.

  • Energy efficient motor
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Powerful and reliable
  • For fresh and marine
  • Bonus check valve's for each outlet
Model     Wattage     Outlet     Air Per Hour    MPa 
1000 2W
60L per Hour >0.010
138L per Hour
2 x 
180 L per Hour
8000 8W 4 x 180 L per Hour