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Bubble Magus Calcium Reactor CR-200WP

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Model:  CR200 WP
Pump : WP2000 
Power : 220V/110V ,40W
Internal volume : 6L
Size: 230*312*545MM
Capacity : 800-1500L aquarium 

The Bubble Magus Calcium Reactor comes complete with a P probe port to work alongside a PH pen, pump, sponges, tubes and drip counter to effectively maintain efficient levels of calcium and alkalinity within your reef aquarium.

This Reactor from Bubble Magus is a fantastic way to keep your parameters stable by aiding in the maintenance of healthy levels of important minerals to your aquarium for your fish and coral species. The well-designed piece of equipment is a valuable addition to any hobbyist searching for ideal aquatic conditions within their water tank.

Balances alkalinity: The Reactor creates an acidic solution which is produced by injecting carbon dioxide into a chamber with salt water and calcium-rich media. The CO2 then lowers the PH of the water by producing a solution which is high in carbonic acidic, this in turn dissolves the calcium. The ideal balance of calcium to alkalinity is critical for long term care of your marine species.

Economical: Adding the Bubble Magus Calcium Reactor to your system can save a significant amount of time, hassle and money. Not only does the device help to achieve a healthier and more successful reef tank, but it saves the added cost of dry or liquid supplements which can often add up fast.

Healthier aquarium life: Many organisms within your aquarium remove calcium as they grow. Coralline, calcareous algae, mollusks, corals and clams all need calcium and an alkaline-rich environment to survive and reproduce.


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