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Old Fisherman CX Crossflow Wavemaker

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Model: CX-WS 15W

 Model Number Flow Rate Wattage Voltage Dimensions Cable Length Glass Thickness
CX-WS 1500-5000Lph 15W 24V 220*30*46mm
5m Up to 15mm
CX-W1 2500-8000Lph 25W 24V 283*55*40mm 5m Up to 15mm
CX-W2 4500-13000Lph 45W 24V 290*60*45mm 5m Up to 15mm
CX-W3 6000-20000Lph 55W 24V 330*81*47mm 5m Up to 19mm
CX-W4 9000-30000Lph 65W 24V 340*90*55mm 5m Up to 15mm

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