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Quantum Pelletised Activated Carbon

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Size: 1kg

Pelletised Activated Carbon™ has an immense mechanical strength designed to withstand the high-water pressures present within canister filters. Pelletised Activated Carbon™ also has improved hydrodynamics due to its larger size. The larger size decreases compression, allowing water to pass through with relative ease. Pelletised Activated Carbon™ will remove organic waste, toxins, phenols (colour), odour, heavy metals, chlorine & chloramine without leaching phosphate, affecting pH, or releasing the molecules it has adsorbed.


  • Lightly stocked = 15g (30mL)/100L (26 US gal) per month
  • Moderately stocked = 25g (50mL)/100L (26 US gal) per month
  • Heavily stocked = 50g (100mL)/100L (26 US gal) per month
  • Heavy metal removal = 250g (500mL)/100L (26 US gal) per month
Size Max. Volume Treated
500g/1L 3,333L (881 US gal)
1kg/2L 6,666L (1,761 US gal)


16,666L (4,403 US gal)

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