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Red Sea Max NANO G2 XL

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Tank Length:
Tank Width: 60 cm
Tank Height: 50 cm
Total System Height: 137 cm
Total System Volume: 125 L

MAX NANO G2 XL: A Fully Equipped, Plug & Play Aquarium

  • 125 Liter System Volume
  • Includes ReefLED 50 lighting
  • One-Plug Control Panel
  • Optional Cabinet (Black or White)
  • ReefATO+ and NanoMat-ready Rear Sump

The all-new MAX NANO G2 XL comes with all the necessary equipment needed for a stunning home reef, sparing you from concerns over component selection or compatibility. It benefits from superior infrastructure, optimal water management, extra-fortified cabinets (optional), and 2 new G2 features: ReefATO+ and NanoMat-ready rear sumps.  It has an elegant rimless design, with an 8mm, ultra-clear glass aquarium, and it incorporates the wi-fi connected ReefLED 50 LED light. The return pump and protein skimmer both connect to a conveniently located control panel to give you a quick and easy way to turn them off when it's time to feed or perform routine maintenance.

MAX NANO G2 XL Aquarium Dimensions

ReefLED 50 Included

Uniquely designed with a light intensity and spectrum that is 100% utilized by corals, the ReefLED 50 is ideal for promoting coral growth and coloration. It is also equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi that allows total control via the ReefBeat app. The app includes pre-set lighting programs, along with additional features such as sunrise/sunset effects, lunar cycle moon light, random clouds, and even an acclimation program for new installations.

ReefATO+ Ready

The Max NANO G2 XL Aquarium is ReefATO+ ready, so you can benefit from this extremely reliable auto top off, temperature monitor, and leak detection system. Just like the ReefLED light fixture, the ReefATO+ integrates with the ReefBeat app so that you can view the status of all your Red Sea devices in one place. The ReefATO+ is sold separately.


The included filter sock can be easily removed in favor of the soon-to-be-released NanoMat for enhanced mechanical filtration with an auto-advance fleece roll. The end result is better water quality and peak water clarity. The NanoMat is sold separately.

Warranty: 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty (3 years standard + 2 upon registration)

What's Included?

MAX NANO G2 XL Aquarium
Black or White Cabinet (not included with tank only option)
ReefLED 50 LED Light & Mounting Arm
1550 LPH Sicce Return Pump
Gravity Fed ATO System
Removable Surface Skimmer
225-Micron Filter Sock
Foam Bubble Trap
100g Reef-Spec Carbon

Note: NanoMat & ReefATO+ Sold Separately.

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