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Available for pre-order online, expected to arrive 3rd Quarter 2022

The ReefMat is a plug & play, fully automated, smart fleece roller filter that keeps your aquarium water crystal clear for weeks at a time. 

Designed with the hobbyist in mind, the ReefMat features an easy fleece-mat replacement system that allows you to switch rolls without having to remove the filter from the sump or turn off the pumps.

ReefMat includes a fail-proof solid-state level sensor and an unprecedented smart drive unit that controls and monitors the exact length of fleece-mat that is used. ReefMat is Wi-Fi connected to Red Sea’s ReefBeat smart aquarium eco-system and will notify you if the fleece-mat gets torn or runs out, gives you a head’s up before it needs replacing, and even provide you with a daily usage log.



  • Plug & Play installation with multiple sump setup options.
  • Easy fleece-mat replacement system.
  • Efficient, high-flow, skimmer friendly, 50 g/m2, non-woven polyester fleece-mat rolls.
  • Smart drive unit – connected to the ReefBeat ecosystem.
  • Solid-State internal and external water level sensors (no moving parts).
  • Integrated media basket for additional chemical filtration.
  • Kink-resistant, corrugated inlet hose with a USA/Metric PVC connector.

Note: Suitable for seawater aquariums only.


  ReefMat 500 ReefMat 1200
Recommended for System up to 500 liters / 130 gal System up to 1200 liters / 315 gal
Max. flow capacity 6000 liters / 1580 gal per hour 9000 liters / 2380 gal per hour
Fleece-mat width 11.3cm / 4.4" 17cm / 6.7"
Fleece-mat length 28m / 92' 35m / 115'
Unit dimensions 21 x27 x 42cm / 8.3” x 10.6”x 16.7" 27 × 30 x 48 cm / 10.6" x 11.8" x 18.9"
Media basket 350 ml

700 ml 

ReefBeat app

  • One interface for all of Red Sea’s smart devices.
  • Easy set-up and operation.
  • On-line monitoring and notifications.

Additional App features

Easy roll replacement