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Red Sea Reef Energy AB + plus

The RedSea Reef Energy AB + plus! We are pleased to introduce the new RedSea Complete Coral Dietary Supplement, Reef Energy AB + Plus.

An improved, all in 1 SUPERFOOD for corals. Offers enormous polyp extension and ensures full corals, better growth, more resistance and brighter colors! And who wouldn't want that? All this with minimal effect on the skimmer and easy to use in conjunction with a dosing device.

Maximum growth with Reef Energy AB + plus

With Reef Energy Plus, corals grow even faster than with the original formula in 2 bottles. Our long-term tests in the laboratory also show a 15% faster growth with Reef Energy Plus.

Convenience with automatic dosing

Feeding corals is now easier than ever. Enthusiasts can use an automatic dosing system to feed the corals with

Reef Energy Plus because the new all-in-one formula can be stored unrefrigerated for up to a week after opening, without reducing the effectiveness of the components.

Minimal effect on the skimmer

Reef Energy Plus takes care of corals and aquariums of the reef keepers by reducing the effect on the skimmer after feeding.